Rust Removal

Midwest Exterior Cleaning offers rust removal for various surfaces such as concrete, siding, brick, and window frames in the Fort Wayne, IN area. Our process is able to achieve up to 100% removal for Irrigation Rust Stains, Fertilizer Rust Stains, and Irrigation Rust Stains. Rust removal can be a very dangerous process if not properly trained. Most products found in stores can damage concrete beyond repair. Leave it up to Midwest Exterior Cleaning to safely and effectively remove the rust from your property

Irrigation Rust Stains

Irrigation Rust Stains are common in areas with rusty water. They are generally found below spigots and on concrete where sprinklers overspray.

Fertilizer Rust Stains

Fertilizer Rust Stains are found on concrete. They are caused by not properly removing the fertilizer from the concrete after fertilizing a yard. When the pellets get wet, they soak into the concrete.

Battery Acid Rust Stains

Battery Acid Rust Stains are commonly found where golf carts are parked. When washing a golf cart, battery acid can bleed into the concrete.

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