Concrete Cleaning

Midwest Exterior Cleaning can successfully restore your concrete to a like-new condition, removing contaminants including dirt, mold, tire marks, oil, and rust stains from the surface. Concrete cleaning is not something that can be done with a store-bought pressure washer and can cause unrepairable damage to the concrete in untrained hands. Often times homeowners believe that pressure (PSI) is the solution to concrete cleaning, this is not the case. Residential concrete should never be cleaned with pressure exceeding 2,000 PSI, this can cause wand marks and surface cleaner striping, which cannot be repaired. We pressure wash concrete using 1,800 PSI to ensure that your concrete remains undamaged.

​Unmaintained concrete is more than just an eyesore. Mold and Mildew build up on concrete can become a safety issue. When the surface is wet, it gets slippery, potentially causing a slip and fall. Put health and safety first, and call Midwest Exterior Cleaning to safely and effectively restore your Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, Drive-Thru, or Dumpster Pad in Fort Wayne, IN.

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